All Sounds Considered (ASC) is an independent nonprofit film that explores the state of – Sound & Silence – without dogmas and preconceived theories.The film shows some of the various facets that make up this fascinating domain. Produced & directed by sound artist Goran Vejvoda & curator Florence Müller, the idea is to lend an open ear, to what actors of this versatile scene have to say.
Through various points of view, ASC witnesses the multiplicity of strategies, ideas and creations. In a modular and non-chronological approach, this “free-cumentary” leads us on a ballad, that spins in various directions with curiosity and looks into certain elements that constitute this vast panorama. Artists, books, exhibitions, performances, interviews, instruments & machines… help us discover the world of contemporary sonic media.
In two episodes ASC delves into – Sounds – that feature a variety of innovating postures and approaches that artists, researchers and inventors have come up with on their quest. Focusing on the realm of audio perspectives and its iterations, this voyage into the world of multiple ways of working with a medium, that when it goes off the beaten track can irritate as much as it can profoundly seduce.